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Novels:  Net Impact (eBook; Trade Paperback); GREENSWORD: A Tale of Extreme Global Warming; Forced Conversion


Novellas: Ratfish (written as Buck Hanno); Frame Shop

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Tales of Gamers and Gaming; Tales of Humorous Horror; Tales Out of Time; Grim, Fair e-Tales; Tales of an Altered Past Powered by Romance, Horror, and Steam; Not-So-Heroic Fantasy; Shadow Realities

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Stand-Alone Stories: Gentlemanly Horrors of Mine Alone; Season's Critiquings; MAKESHIFT; Running Free; Merry Mark-Up

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Memoirs: Father's Day; Father's Day Deluxe 3-Pack; Surrounded by Love (by Marjorie Bingle)


Recent Anthologies with Bingle Stories:  Crimson Pact (Vols. 1, 2, and 5); Sidekicks; Time-Traveled Tales; Crimson Life/Crimson Death


Writing Instruction with Bingle Chapter: Eighth Day Genesis


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