Photo Gallery by Donald J. Bingle


Donald J. Bingle,

Writer on Demand TM

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Don Reading

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Don Holding Trophy from 1999 AD&D Nationals

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The PM Players from the Early Days with RPGA Decathlon Trophy

Dewey Frech, Lew Wright, Cheryl Frech, Jim Moeller, Mary Konczyk

Mary Zalapi, Jay Tummelson

Rich Bingle, Norm Ritchie, Linda Bingle, Susan Anderson, Wing Tip Shu, Don Bingle

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The PM Players in Later Days

Drew Caldwell, Don Bingle, Rocco Pisto, Cheryl Frech, Darryl Baker, Norm Ritchie

Steve Swan, Linda Bingle, Therese Baker

Dewey Frech

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View from Lanai in Anahola

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Snow on the trees in St. Charles

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Don Tubing on the White River in Jamaica

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Don in Pool on New Zealand Cruise

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A sketch of Don by Cathy Johnson during the GenCon Writers Symposium

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Don reading from Forced Conversion at WindyCon